About Monit Data

Optimize your parking policy and operational management with Monit. We bring our extensive parking expertise and advanced data analysis technology together with only one goal. ‘Unlock your parking data.’

In a complex world with ever growing demands and opportunities making choices is increasingly difficult. We are convinced that making choices is only possible with data-driven information.

Monit brings together a team of experienced IT specialists and parking consultants. Together we have developed our unique methodology and software.

The key of our solution is unifying and enriching a wide range of data from different sources. Operational matters and management information are effectively made transparent.

This has been our goal for over 10 years. We are looking forward to continuing to pursue this goal in the future. And thereby help create a better world with smarter mobility solutions.

Data Collection

Monit starts by collecting data for you from various sources.

The data can differ in type such as on- and off-street parking. But it can also differ in format and the method of collection.


After collection and safe storage we transform the data. It is unified in a vendor-independent data model.

During all steps of this process quality checks are done. So we can ensure reliable information


Information is only valuable when it can easily be used. Monit’s online reporting environment gives you user-friendly dashboards.

Easily adapt views. Or get a fully customized in-depth analysis. But always get the answers to your questions.

ISAE 3402 certified

Quality is assured. Monit is certified according to ISAE 3402, type 1.

An external auditor has declared that Monit’s procedures and systems are properly implemented and suitable.

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