Municipal policies

Create a liveable and accessible city for residents, businesses and visitors. Create data-driven mobility policies to meet these ambitious goals. By using easy to use dashboards with insights in actual parking data.

Policies for a liveable city

Well-designed municipal parking policies bring many benefits. Good accessibility for satisfied residents and visitors. A liveable city and often an important source of income. Focus on using parking information to develop your mobility policies. Stop spending time on manual data collection from multiple sources and formats.

Monit automatically unifies data for on- and off-street, EV and bicycle parking. Plan new charging stations, parking capacity or enforcement based on a clear view of the facts.

Modules for Municipal policies

On-street parking analysis

Reporting of transactions, parking duration and income. Analysis per neighborhood, mobile zone, parking meter and per payment method.

Off-street parking analysis

Reporting of transactions, parking duration and income. Analysis per garage, payment terminal and per payment method.

Enforcement analysis

Report of enforced parking tickets and any objections. A map view gives a clear overview of problem areas.

Scan car analysis

Map view of data gathered by scan car. Get direct insight into parking violation hotspots and occupancy.

EV parking

Report on the usage of EV charge points. Get occupancy and revenue insights. Per neighborhood, charging station or connector.

EV charging

Insight into the charging trends of EVs. See the charging profiles –  volume, charging time and speed. Per neighborhood, charging station or connector.

Scenario simulation

Simulation of different tariff scenarios on parking income. Combine local data and benchmarks to analyze the effect of various pricing schedules.

Vehicle check-in and check-out scanning

Contactless check-in and check-out with a QR code of vehicles such as bicycles etc in managed facilities. Data gives direct insight into occupancy.

Pop-up parking facilities

Easily realize a temporary parking facility. Integrated online sales and payment with QR codes for contactless access.

Subscription sales & management

Online reservation, sales and payment of parking subscriptions. Management of subscriptions can be fully online by employees.