Parking asset owners

Parking facilities are important real estate property. Optimize your returns on these assets using up-to-date data. Our user-friendly dashboards give you direct insight into the occupancy and financial results of your parking facilities.

Operation of parking facilities

Discover the possibilities for improving your Net Operating Income (NOI). How does the occupation develop over time and different facilities? What are the most popular payment methods? What type of subscriptions are used most? Are you losing income due to users driving out without paying? Is this due to out-of-service equipment?

Monit’s automated and easy to use dashboards can connect to all major parking equipment. You get valuable insights without losing time on manual data collection.

Modules for Parking asset owners

Off-street parking analysis

Reporting of transactions, parking duration and income. Analysis per garage, payment terminal and per payment method.

Payments audit

Audit of cash flows from payment by customer to deposit on your account. For cash, cashless and mobile cash flows.

Rates audit

Audit of applied parking fees against the contracted rates. Discover any incorrectly set rates at parking meters or by mobile providers.

Scenario simulation

Simulation of different tariff scenarios on parking income. Combine local data and benchmarks to analyze the effect of various pricing schedules.

Subscription sales & management

Online reservation, sales and payment of parking subscriptions. Management of subscriptions can be fully online by employees.

Bike rental

Rental of bicycles, mopeds, wheelchairs etc via an online reservation system. Check-in and check-out is easy using QR codes.

Retail sale

Cashless sales and payment of retail items at a parking facility. Transactions are completely digital by scanning a QR code of an article.