Parking operators

Save costs and generate more revenue through full control of your parking facilities. Get clear insights into all aspects of your operational management. From occupancy rates to payment processes. Manage your installed equipment and scheduling of maintenance and tasks.

Operational management of parking facilities

Realize efficient management of your parking facilities. Stop spending time on manual data collection: Monit does it automatically for you. Find out when your facilities are at peak capacity. Minimize the time equipment is out of service by using our applications to manage outages and maintenance. Be in control of financial processes.

Modules for Parking operators

Off-street parking analysis

Reporting of transactions, parking duration and income. Analysis per garage, payment terminal and per payment method.

Malfunction analysis

Analysis of causes and duration of parking equipment malfunctions. Based on data from the PMS or the MeldMan ‘Equipment malfunctions’ module.

Payments audit

Audit of cash flows from payment by customer to deposit on your account. For cash, cashless and mobile cash flows.

Rates audit

Audit of applied parking fees against the contracted rates. Discover any incorrectly set rates at parking meters or by mobile providers.

EV parking

Report on the usage of EV charge points. Get occupancy and revenue insights. Per neighborhood, charging station or connector.

EV charging

Insight into the charging trends of EVs. See the charging profiles –  volume, charging time and speed. Per neighborhood, charging station or connector.

Invoicing and payment

Invoicing system for parking subscriptions based on data from the PMS. Links to financial accounting systems are possible.

Equipment malfunction

Management of parking equipment malfunctions. Record and report the current status of malfunctions and repair activities.

Equipment maintenance

Management of equipment maintenance. Get an early warning, plan and see the status of regular maintenance.

Incident management

Record and report incidents (e.g. vandalism or damage to parked two- and four-wheel vehicles).

Daily reports

Use one centralized digital daily report for staff at the heart of the parking operation. Available online for employees and managers.

Cash collection

Registrations of cash collections from payment terminals. Linked with the PMS and financial administration for a full audit.

Task schedule

Automate and monitor regular planned tasks. Add photos to report or clarify the situation.

Barrier operations

Reporting on barrier operations. Which employees open a barrier at what time and for what reason.

Vehicle check-in and check-out scanning

Contactless check-in and check-out with a QR code of vehicles such as bicycles etc in managed facilities. Data gives direct insight into occupancy.

Pop-up parking facilities

Easily realize a temporary parking facility. Integrated online sales and payment with QR codes for contactless access.

Subscription sales & management

Online reservation, sales and payment of parking subscriptions. Management of subscriptions can be fully online by employees.

Bike rental

Rental of bicycles, mopeds, wheelchairs etc via an online reservation system. Check-in and check-out is easy using QR codes.