EV charging points

Support the transition to electrical powered mobility by optimizing your charging stations and energy infrastructure. Use data to determine where more charging stations are needed. Analyze charging profiles and determine the impact of EV charging stations on your electrical utility infrastructure.

Add charging stations where necessary

As a municipality or private parking operator the EV transition brings new challenges. You need to deal with the growing demand for charging stations and electrical power. With Monit you get fact-based insights in order to make the right decisions. See actual occupancy problems. Charging profiles help you to analyse energy requirements against infrastructure contracts and capacity. Get an overview of outages and the effect this has on the availability of charge points.

EV laadpalen bezetting

Modules for EV charging points

EV parking

Report on the usage of EV charge points. Get occupancy and revenue insights. Per neighborhood, charging station or connector.

EV charging

Insight into the charging trends of EVs. See the charging profiles –  volume, charging time and speed. Per neighborhood, charging station or connector.

On-street parking analysis

Reporting of transactions, parking duration and income. Analysis per neighborhood, mobile zone, parking meter and per payment method.

Off-street parking analysis

Reporting of transactions, parking duration and income. Analysis per garage, payment terminal and per payment method.

Scan car analysis

Map view of data gathered by scan car. Get direct insight into parking violation hotspots and occupancy.

Equipment malfunction

Management of parking equipment malfunctions. Record and report the current status of malfunctions and repair activities.

Equipment maintenance

Management of equipment maintenance. Get an early warning, plan and see the status of regular maintenance.

Incident management

Record and report incidents (e.g. vandalism or damage to parked two- and four-wheel vehicles).