Financial analysis

Get more grip on your parking revenues. Analyze and audit your revenue streams. From the moment the customer pays right until it shows up on your bank account.

Insight in your revenue streams

Payments from a customer will pass through many steps before it shows up on your bank account. Different payment and data processing methods add further complexity. Monit unifies all data to give you a complete audit. Find out effects like incorrectly applied parking rates or parking violations fines. Simulate scenarios using different parking rates and see the effect on your earnings.

Modules for Financial analysis

On-street parking analysis

Reporting of transactions, parking duration and income. Analysis per neighborhood, mobile zone, parking meter and per payment method.

Off-street parking analysis

Reporting of transactions, parking duration and income. Analysis per garage, payment terminal and per payment method.

EV parking

Report on the usage of EV charge points. Get occupancy and revenue insights. Per neighborhood, charging station or connector.

Payments audit

Audit of cash flows from payment by customer to deposit on your account. For cash, cashless and mobile cash flows.

Scan car analysis

Map view of data gathered by scan car. Get direct insight into parking violation hotspots and occupancy.

Scenario simulation

Simulation of different tariff scenarios on parking income. Combine local data and benchmarks to analyze the effect of various pricing schedules.

Invoicing and payment

Invoicing system for parking subscriptions based on data from the PMS. Links to financial accounting systems are possible.

Cash collection

Registrations of cash collections from payment terminals. Linked with the PMS and financial administration for a full audit.

Barrier operations

Reporting on barrier operations. Which employees open a barrier at what time and for what reason.