Parking data 2.0 for the Monit Data Parking Monitor

Monit Data introduces Parking Data 2.0

Monit Data’s Parking Monitor service is now powered by Parking Data 2.0! With Parking Data 2.0 you get completely new user-friendly dashboards. In addition, Parking Data 2.0 brings new functionalities such as parking occupancy measurements by scan car and EV charging management to the Parking Monitor.

Monit Data’s Parking Monitor data analysis service has already been in use for many years by multiple public and private operators of parking facilities. With the Parking Monitor these users can automatically collect and analyse all data generated by their parking systems. The easily configurable dashboards then provide the desired insights to shape mobility policies, and to form a solid basis for financial and operational management. The Parking Monitor is a ‘cloud’ service and can easily be accessed online by users via

Parking Data 2.0

The Parking Monitor was one of the first services to easily transform fragmented data into valuable and relevant unified information for parking management. To ensure our customers keep leading the way in using parking data, Monit Data is proud to now introduce Parking Data 2.0. With Parking Data 2.0 we have a new ‘engine’ powering the Parking Monitor service delivering updated dashboard and new functionalities.

Updated dashboards

With Parking Data 2.0, the Parking Monitor gets even more powerful dashboards. With even clearer displays, and even more options for filters and analyzes so that you get the insights you need. So your data-driven decisions are made even easier. For policy makers, financial managers and operators.

New functionalities

With Parking Data 2.0, various new functionalities have also been introduced in the Parking Monitor.

Parking occupancy measurement with the scan car

In many cities nowadays there is a scan car in use on the street for efficient parking enforcement. But the data generated by this scan car can be used for more purposes. Monit Data developed an algorithm to use this data for automatic measurement of on-street parking occupancy. Move from tedious manual measurements to an accurate, reliable, regular and cost-effective analysis with your scan car. Set the right parking policies, and immediately see the effect, to optimize the use of your parking space.

EV Charge point Management

With the rapid electrification of the car, EV charging stations have become a growing part of our mobility infrastructure. Parking Data 2.0 ensures that EV charge points seamlessly integrate into your parking management. A map view ensures you immediately have a clear overview of all your charge points, and the most important statistics such as busy charge points or neighbourhood. Further zoom in on an individual charge point or neighbourhood and get details reports on occupancy, charging sessions and charging profiles.

More information

Would you like to know more about Parking Data 2.0 and the updated Parking Monitor? Please contact us! We would also like to welcome you to the mobility industry event Vakbeurs Openbare Ruimte in Utrecht, The Netherlands on September 27-28, 2023 at booth 4.5.18.