Monit Data Parken 2023 Wiesbaden Bundesverband Parken e.V.

Monit Data is exhibiting at Parken 2023 in Wiesbaden.

Monit Data is present as an exhibitor at Parken 2023 in Wiesbaden, Gemany. The Parken exhibition will be two days showcasing the entire spectrum of the parking industry.

The Parken 2023 event will be held in parallel with the annual conference by the German Parking Association (Bundesverband Parken e.V.) which is also the patron of the event. It is the opportunity to discover the latest trends and developments in the industry. This includes hot topics such as parking structure renovation, smart mobility apps and cash-free payment systems. The last development is one that Monit Data recently researched. Click here to read our article on  the development of parking payment trends.

About Monit Data

The Dutch mobility and parking industry can be considered one of the most progressive in the world. The Dutch mobility market is moving forward quickly with a high penetration of EV’s, use of online payments, and various mobility options ranging from bicycles to car sharing schemes. These developments create many new challenges in both parking policies and operations. In this demanding environment Monit Data is at the forefront of transforming complex parking data into clear and valuable insights.

Over the last 10 years Monit Data has grown into the market leader in mobility and parking analytics in The Netherlands. Our data services have been developed to meet the requirements of operators of various public and private parking facilities. Amongst our users are some of the largest national retailers, universities and cities that use Monit’s services for operational management, financial analysis and to help optimise mobility policies.

From our strong national position Monit Data is now expanding our data analytics services in the international market. We are happy to have already welcomed our first international users. We invite you to meet Monit Data at Parken 2023 and learn more about our solutions.

Accurate occupancy insights derived from enforcement scan car data.

EV laadpalen bezetting

City map showing EV charge points and occupancy.

At the center of Monit Data’s services is the Parking Monitor. This suite of services provides unparalleled insights into all aspects of your parking operation. For example combine on- and off-street parking and EV data all in one easy to use dashboard. Our in-house cloud-based platform automatically transforms data from a multitude of connected sources and vendors into a unified model.

Your advantage is that you can now focus on actually using your valuable data. No more need to spend your time on the tedious manual collecting and analysing data from multiple systems. Our unified platform also opens the exciting possibilities of combining different data to gain new insights. The Monit Data Parking Monitor gives you more control and insight over your data. The result is a true data-driven optimisation of your mobility policies, finances and operations.

Our team is looking forward to introduce you to Monit Data at Parken 2023. You can find Monit Data at booth D28 in Halle Nord in the Rhein Main Congress Center in Wiesbaden (Germany). Discover how we can make your parking data work for you. 

Monit – ‘Unlock your parking data’

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