The Hague, 18 November 2021 Monit Data joins EV Roaming Foundation

Monit Data, the market leader in parking data analytics for Dutch municipalities, is proud to join the EVRoaming foundation as a full member. With their expertise in data analytics Monit is looking forward to contribute to further developing the OCPI open standard. As the worlds of parking and EV charging are merging, an open exchange of data will result in a higher service quality for EV users and parking & charge point operators

Bringing together the merging worlds of EV charging and parking

The objective of the EVRoaming Foundation is to facilitate roaming services for charging electric vehicles and provide transparent information to consumers about charging locations and prices.  Part of the foundation is the development of the open and independent Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) protocol. The ultimate goal is to allow any EV driver to charge at any charging station in the EU.


“The EVRoaming Foundation supports accessibility of charge networks across the world, with correct information towards and for the EV driver. With charging many different roles and companies are involved, including data analyzing partners, parking companies, energy and smart charging providers, EV driver organizations, etc. To do this, we need contributors in all these areas. With Monit Data active in data analysis and parking, we can improve our activities, services and OCPI developments.”

Michel Bayings – EVRoaming Foundation


Monit Data brings transparency in parking to municipalities and private operators. We transform raw data from parking meters, scan cars and many other sources into valuable information. Our clear insights help public and private operators with their mobility challenges. Such as as developing policies for more livable cities, and better accessibility for residents, businesses and visitors. Or optimizing the financial returns of parking and EV charging infrastructure. Our insights also help with operational goals such as a higher customer satisfaction and more efficient parking operations.


“Within our customer base we see that EV charging is becoming ever more intertwined with parking.  Monit provides our customers with insights that seamlessly integrate the planning and management of charge points into your city’s mobility analytics. And as a strong supporter of open-source software, we fully embrace the mission of the EVRoaming Foundation to establish open standards.”

Ernst Bos – MD Monit Data


OCPI open standard contributes to Monit product suite

The EVRoaming Foundation’s groundwork in developing open standards has significantly accelerated Monit product development. Based on the OCPI protocol Monit has launched a new EV module in their popular Parking Monitor suite. The open standards enable the EV module to combine data from multiple CPOs to give municipalities better integrated insights. These include some key metrics such as charge point occupancy. A second important insight is the charging profiles of EV users, enabling optimization of electrical utility contracts and infrastructure capacity.

About EVRoaming

The EVRoaming Foundation manages and maintains the OCPI protocol and ensures its free availability, to guarantee roaming according to open standards for any EV driver. 

About Monit Data

Monit Data provides parking data analytics services for municipalities and private operators. User-friendly dashboards give clear information on car, EV and bicycle usage. Use data-driven insights for urban mobility policies and day-to-day operational management.