• TKH Security’s FlinQ Foresight Parking Facility Management System adds new incident management functionality by integration with Monit Data’s ReportMan operational management product.
  • Customers get improved incident management of the progress of equipment outages and other incidents. This progress can also be measured against Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • View a demo of the FlinQ Foresight and ReportMan integration at stand 10.320 at Intertraffic 2022 Amsterdam.

The Hague, 29 March 2022 TKH Security’s FlinQ Foresight Parking Facility Management System offers customers enhanced incident management.

TKH Security adds an option for enhanced incident management in its FlinQ Foresight Parking Facility Management System. An single incident, for example a parking ticket machine malfunction, can result in several events being generated in the system. With the new incident management functionality these separate events can now be consolidated to the same incident. And by combining other actions, such as calling a maintenance service, we can create a full incident overview. The operators in the control room can now easily see the latest status in resolving an incident. Service Level Agreements (SLA) can also be measured if desired by keeping track of the history of an incident. This incident management is provided using real-time bi-directional integration with the ReportMan operational management product of Monit Data.

Visit TKH Security at booth 10.320 and Monit Data at booth 12.316 at Intertraffic 2022 Amsterdam for a demo of the FlinQ Foresight and Meldman integration.

Enhanced incident management added to Flinq Foresight

The FlinQ Foresight Parking Facility Management System is an event-based platform that seamlessly unifies separate third-party platforms. The control room operators get a clear overview of incoming events through a centralized customizable interface. The efficient handling of the events is further facilitated by an automated workflow and business rules. This ensures that the right action is taken or the right party is contacted.

In parking facilities we often see additional challenges in managing events and actions. There is usually a complex mix of various systems, facility users, operators, maintenance provided by third-parties, and often managed from one remote central control room. This complexity makes it difficult to have an overview of the relation and history of various events and actions. Imagine for example a user calling about a malfunctioning barrier, and the operators who are busy monitoring multiple facilities not having the information at hand that this event is related to an already known incident. Or operators not having a clear overview about the actions taken and latest status in resolving an incident.

Creating an single overview of incidents is an opportunity for an even more effective handling of events.

We are very pleased with the integration of the ReportMan incident management system into the FlinQ ForeSight Parking Facility Management System. The integration gives the operator full control over the current situation in the parking facility through an overview of the outstanding incidents and ensures an efficient way of reporting new incidents without having to switch between different systems. This allows the operator to more accurately and efficiently provide the customer with the service it needs.

Marcel Vonk – PO TKH Security

TKH Security has therefore added a new option for customers to get this overview. By adding an incident management module to FlinQ Foresight we can now consolidate different events to an unique incident. The open structure means that the new module seamlessly integrates into FlinQ Foresight through an API. Events are real-time logged in the incident management module. The same is true for feedback to the control room, the actions taken and latest status is directly visible in the interface of the operators in the control room.

Combining events and actions, and logging the history of both gives a full incident management overview. This incident management can also be used to monitor if incidents are resolved according to the Service Level Agreements (SLA)  with the facility or maintenance services.

For the incident management module TKH Security has selected the ReportMan operational management product by Monit Data.

Monit Data is looking forward to being a partner in the TKH Security FlinQ Foresight ecosystem. The added incident management functionality will further enhance the already excellent event handling capabilities of the platform. Parking facilities operators will experience this through a better service to customers and a lower workload for staff in resolving incidents.

Ernst Bos – MD Monit Data

Manage your parking facilities with ReportMan

ReportMan is a product from Monit Data. Monit Data provides a powerful parking data management solution with our Parking Monitor suite that transforms data from different vendors to clear unified insights. From our market leader position in the Netherlands we noticed the demand for a maintenance and incident management product for parking facility operators. Especially in more complex situations with multiple facilites, or using equipment from several vendors.

With ReportMan you can manage equipment malfunctions, incidents like vandalism and damages, and make your daily reports. You register the event, and keep track of the latest status updates and history of the incident. Next to incident management ReportMan can also be used to plan regular recurring maintenance and other tasks, as for example cleaning schedules. ReportMan can automatically forward service request to external suppliers, and gives insight in response and repair times. Staff and management get a clear overview of all incidents and tasks with an easy to use dashboard and automated reports.

ReportMan is the operational management tool designed specifically for your parking operation.

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